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Back in the Early Windsurfing Days

North Shore Incorporated had its humble beginnings as North Shore Productions in a basement room and garage in the Pucker Huddle area of White Salmon, WA in 1988 - 89. This space was home to Mark Brady who had the original vision to “pad the world’ and launched our company. Mark was an avid windsurfer, originally from Michigan and moved to the Gorge to pursue his passion. The first two products produced were tie die t shirts and fairly heavy, dense windsurfing board deck pads. Within a few months, we had moved to a small factory space in White Salmon and were producing the pads that quickly became a household name (at least in windsurfing households) Gorge Jumpadz. These light weight foam windsurfing footpads and soon there after footstraps were all cut out using a steel rule die and hand drill attached to a car jack to “die cut” the pieces.

NSI Goes High Tech and Relocates to Hood River

1991 saw major improvements in location and technology. NSI moved from the North Shore of the Columbia River to the South Shore – Hood River, OR. With the company now selling internationally and growing rapidly, we had the needed cash flow to rent a larger space and add needed equipment and employees. At the end of ’91 Mark sold the company to a trio of employees, one being his original partner Nelson Rolens and the other two, who have owned and run the company jointly since 1994, Michael O’Gorman and Brenda Davoren.

NSI Introduces the Kayak Industry's First Pre Cut, Multiple Sized Outfitting Padz

NSI up to this point had been active only in the windsurfing market with just a few other non-windsurfing related products. With new ownership in place that brought diverse interests and vision, NSI launched an innovative line of kayaking accessories. Along with the foam and fabric products we manufactured, we also began adding other manufacturers products that we distribute to our ever expanding, worldwide distribution/dealer network. The kayak line took off and since Hood River was one of the countries premier locations for kayaking (as well as windsurfing), it is no wonder that cutting edge products continued to flow from NSI.

Then Came Kiteboarding and More Innovative Firsts from NSI

Since NSI was known throughout the world as a leader in the windsurfing footpad market it was a natural transition into the kiteboarding market. Early custom board builders were crossing over from windsurfing boards to kite boards and using NSI padz on their kiteboards. NSI saw this new sport emerging and enthusiastically jumped on board. Again Hood River was a natural venue for early kiteboarders and industry inventors looking for a design house/manufacture to bring new products to market. NSI was well positioned to be that company. We had proven over the preceding ten years that we were a company that embraced new emerging markets and had the ability to design and produce quality products. We also had the ability to develop the distribution/dealer base to quickly and efficiently get these products to market.

R & D, Custom Product Development and Re-Engineering Products

During the period between ’94 and present, NSI has also designed and re-engineered many products outside of the windsurfing, kayaking and kiteboarding markets. These products were manufactured for other companies or for our distribution. Recently, one of the most trendy of these products has been the Bounce Board Tramp Board. This foam snowboard shaped board is strapped to your feet and used on a trampoline to practice snowboard, skateboard and wakeboard tricks. Kiteboarders also use the product to hone their aerial moves. Bounce Boards are also very popular for the everyday backyard trampoline user.

Thank You for 18 Years of Success!

The employees and owners of NSI would like to thank all our business partners and customers for 18 years of patronage. We feel very fortunate to work in the industries we love and live in place like Hood River, Oregon. This would not be possible without the support, feedback and encouragement we receive from our network of business partners, customers and friends. We wish everyone All The Best.