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 R & D - Foam & Custom Products


NSI is excited to announce our newly expanded Research and Design Lab. The concept has grown from our many years of working with talented and innovative people who have come to us looking to discuss, research, design, build proto types and test new sporting goods and other non sporting goods related products.

Our 18 years of raw material sourcing, in house design and manufacture knowledge, combined with outside sources of new product ideas, has proven to be a successful formula. Our ability to successfully take these new products to market has been well proven over the last decade and a half. As well as new product innovations, NSI has a long track record of taking existing products and re-engineering them, using different materials (usually foam and fabric materials) and improving these existing products.

Our manufacturing and customer service excellence has been the backbone qualities that have kept our company a popular choice for customers and vibrant for 18 years. We are now announcing on a global scale our desire to expand this model and to bring more new, creative ideas to the marketplace. If you have an idea you feel we could help evaluate and assist in the development of, we would like to hear from you.

Another benefit that NSI enjoys and can offer “idea people” is that all these activities take place in the ultimate product testing / playground of Hood River, OR. To learn more or discuss our Non Compete Non Disclosure and Royalty Program, please call or email NSI today.


The NSI Crew
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