About Us

NSI has been in the watersports market for 30 years. Most notably known for PADZ, our traction products are recognized around the world. Starting from Windsurfing, we quickly expanded our reach into many new and exciting sports early in their inceptions.

We are a long time wind and water sports distributor based in Hood River, Oregon and have been supplying enthusiasts and retail shops around the country for over 25 years. Additionally, we are a manufacturer of wind/water/kayak/SUP sports accessories, pads, bags, foot hooks, foot straps and more. What we bring to the table are a wide variety of proven products trusted and enjoyed by many around the globe.

Through the years we have developed an expertise in knowing what works and what does not. Each of our products carries with it the quality and durability that decades of experience has taught. We are proud to provide this level of refinement to you so that your time spent out on the water is as enjoyable as it can be.

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