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Solarez Polyester Weenie Repair Kit

Save your day at the beach with the Solarez Polyester Weenie Travel Kit

Includes a half ounce tube of poly quick cure resin and a two grit sanding pad. Perfect for fixing tiny dings and cracks in between sessions so you can keep surfing without sacrificing your board. Solarez repair putty is a mixture of high strength fiber reinforced resin and an amazing solar activated catalyst. Solarez structurally repairs fiberglass, plastics, wood and metal in 3 minutes. Be sure to pack a repair kit for your travels so when that inevitable ding ruins your session. Get back in the water within the hour and keep your good vacation vibes flowing.

  • 0.5 oz tube Solarez Polyester Fiberfil Putty
  • 60/240 grit sand pad
  • Crush-proof watertight capsule
    Price: $5.00
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    Solarez Polyester Weenie Repair Kit
    Solarez Polyester Weenie Repair Kit
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