NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps

Another First on the Water  Breakthrough Product by NSI!
The Next Generation in Foot Strap Technology. They offer an unstrapped board feel with optimum leverage for waterstarts, a secure fit while riding or hucking it, and ease of disengagement when crashing.

Foot Hookers are a combination of thermoformed polycarbonate plastic, non-absorbent cushy foam padding, and a custom soft neoprene cover for a clean, aesthetic finish. Covers are available in many colors.

NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
NSI Foot Hooker Footstraps
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Price: $73.95
Product Details

The Next Generation in Footstrap Technology!

Catch Some Air!

Introduced in 2016, NSI Foot Hooker straps were designed and heavily tested in collaboration with seasoned foiler/designer Jim Stringfellow and foiler/board builder John Doyle. Springboarding off NSI's original foam Foot Hook strap, we strived to engineer a ridged Hook, combined with soft comfort, that is durable enough for the rigors of Kite Hydrofoiling. Equipped with feedback from riders in varying conditions around the world, we designed the original and best Foot Hook strap on the market.

NSI's Infinite Anchor Mounting System allows the Foot Hooker to be mounted on any board, in any direction: parallel, perpendicular, and anything in between. The angle of Foot Hooker accommodates easy entry, a secure and comfortable hold, and allows for a quick exit, reducing the risk of common ankle injuries which can occur with standard footstraps. Hookers provide control of riding with straps while retaining the freedom of riding strapless.

The structure of the Foot Hooker utilizes the strength and durability of Polycarbonate, the same material used as bulletproof glass. It holds its strength in a wide range of temperatures, so don't worry if it's 110 degrees out or 30! Proven to maintain rigidity and integrity for years to come.

  •     Minimalist board connection gives a strapless board feel
  •     Fast foil jibe progression
  •     Quick and painless ejection
  •     Water Start Assist
  •     Safer than standard straps for Hydrofoiling
  •     Universal mount with varying stance and angles
  •     The Original design with maximum testing and time on the water
  •     One size fits all and bootie compatible

No Twist washers are included. Mount the washer on top of the hook, under the neoprene cover. Sold in sets of two or three. Covers are available in Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Teal, Green Camo, Blue Camo or Black.

Handcrafted in Hood River, USA, utilizing only the highest quality materials and attention to detail. 

Laid out on the beach!


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